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About Gummata Nagari

Gummata Nagari is the leading news providers in Kannada on daily basis. To be the most independent and socially responsible media group, upholding freedom of expression and protecting the right of the individual through the journalistic excellence. Our Mission is to provide timely and comprehensive information to everyone, wherever they are, through print media as well as E PAPER with mobile app and live website. We will report the facts as they are, while reflecting the wide variety of views to keep them informed and help them shape an opinion. We shall provide a forum for the public to discuss issues of importance and interest.

We believe that knowledge and information form the foundation of social equality and shall work diligently to connect to the younger generation. To promote democracy, free speech, reliable, dissemination of information and well being of its reference readers. To connect and inform communities across the state. To be most accurate, most thorough and most interesting source of news. To assertively seek content that as high interest, impact the reader, provokes discussion and advances the reader’s knowledge…

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